Africa's Largest Idea Crossing Festival

The goal is to solve problems and not be a part of the problem to be solved.

Our commitment is to increase goodness everywhere and to restore the pride of being good by, celebrating Goodness in People, Leadership, Places, Projects, Ideas, Inventions, Policies, Products and Faith.

Leadership is everything and effective Leading starts with Effective Being

While, Progressive nations lead by competence and Intentional desires for progress, struggling nations lead by availability and self gains.

Win9geria x

A vision incubation bootcamp and leadership challenge

Why Win9geria?

Wingeria is designed to stir up inter-sectional conversations amongst influential industry captains and industry players. The core objective is to empower and inspire new solutions in Africa

value infusion

Raise value drivem people inspired by leadership and the zeal to take the responsibilty

National discourse

We hope to also address and proffer ideas to key National issues as it relates to corporate and politcal governance

Opportunity for all

It will be an event that brings indurty captains to share thier opportunuities

Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye

Chairman, Zylus Group International

Bukola Olatujoye

Chief Executive Officer, Zylus Group InternationalĀ 

Tayo Odunsi:


What People Say

Yes, Win9geria has been a phenomenal concept birthed by young Nigerians who believe in a better tomorrow. The schools of thought are highly intellectual, the ideologies are very contemporary and the will I see will make ways. I am earnestly looking forward to the next Win9geria conference in October, it's going to be a revelation of a new phase and era of Nigerian Youths.
Ude Ezechukwu
Professional public Health Scientist and Entreprenuer
As participant and one who looks forward to such gathering of values every year. I can boldly say; Win9geria is the solution to the multi-facet challenges confronting the nation. It addresses leadership problems. The concept and scope touch the very fabrics of industry, religion, governance and everything. It makes goodness a common place.
Babatunde Ifenuga
Principal consultant, LEAD-P
Win9geria the maiden edition was for me a rebirth of national discuss toward fixing Nigeria. Listening to various intelligent and patriotic opinions passionately expressed, I walked out believing that Nigeria can be fixed with the collective effort of us all. My hope saw the light again...
Nelson Etah
Broadcast Journalist & Programmes Producer TVC Communications
Win9geria.. our mission is to win back Nigeria as our heritage with the mantra "Goodness Everywhere". We are good people, we are here to spread undiluted goodness. Know and engaging with this platform has since increase My proactive drive for life and the desire to live responsively patriotic.
Social Entreprenuer and Banker

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