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Considering the global competitiveness and speed in the connectivity of our world today, from technological advancements to human value ideologies, infrastructural designs and disruptions in economics. Our today’s world is growing with some Intentionality to create enabling environments for mutual influence. And this course is made possible by Leadership.

“Leadership is everything and effective Leading starts with Effective Being”

While, Progressive nations lead by competence and Intentional desires for progress, struggling nations lead by availability and self gains. And whether the source of your Leadership is availability inspired or competence inspired, every positioned leader gives what they have.

So why struggling nations gives mediocrity because the available (not necessarily prepared people) serves them and progressive nations live by excellence because Intentionality and competence serves them.

Most likely, struggling nations are not emptied of content or intentionally minded people or professionals, but the competent they competent are never available or a few a number to maximise change and own some Audacity for progress.

The immediate aforementioned is a clear description of OUR 9GERIA since memorial.

Suffering and smiling like the song describe, numerous ideas yet no will, corruption in economies, mediocrity in Governance, Valueless homing, destruction of faith, confusion in education, chaos in tribal difference, falsehood in ideologies and histories.

Distinct is that, while Evil or incompetence is Gathering numbers and amassing resources, Goodness is complaining and, in most cases, receiving wages and accolades for strategizing the way for evil to gain the throne.

Goodness is or has been in hiding for too long, while Evil is gaining popularity everyday, Good people have lost confidence and esteem to accept how good willed they are, because they are either standing alone or amidst many evil or standing in hiding, confide to fancy walls and cheap online rants, while Evil is winning over the streets, religious, industries and institutional places.

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